Tesco Introduces Day One Flexible Working Policy Ahead of Legal Changes

In a significant move ahead of anticipated legal changes, Tesco, one of the UK’s largest employers, has announced a new policy that grants all employees the right to request flexible working arrangements from the very first day of their employment. This proactive step by Tesco is aligned with the forthcoming Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Act 2023, a bill that received Royal Assent on 20th July 2023 and is set to come into effect in approximately one year’s time. For further information please read our previous article.

Tesco’s new flexible working policy marks a departure from the current requirement of six months’ continuous service to make a statutory flexible working request. Under this progressive initiative, the Tesco’s vast workforce of over 300,000 employees can now request part-time or flexible working hours from the outset of their employment, reflecting the evolving needs and aspirations of today’s workforce.

As the countdown begins towards the introduction of the Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Act 2023, Tesco’s decision to grant its employees the right to request flexible working from day one serves as a timely reminder for businesses to be aware of legislative developments and take proactive measures to align their internal policies with emerging social & legal trends.

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