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The Tyne Bridge, Newcastle

We are committed to providing the best quality of advice and service.

We value our business relationships. Our solicitors work closely with our clients to build relationships based upon our core values.

Our team of solicitors are straightforward and approachable. At the beginning of every instruction we will discuss how we communicate with each other and what your preference is.

Our solicitors will work in partnership with you to achieve your goals.

We are transparent with our fee arrangements. At the beginning of every instruction we will give a genuine fee estimate and will keep you updated as matters progress.


We build enduring relationships. We work as advisors and mentors to support our colleagues and clients.


We value all our business relationships. We are dedicated in our approach and value loyalty and commitment. We strive to work within a spirit of openness, trust and cooperation.


We encourage honesty and transparency and welcome opinions and ideas.


There is no spin with Collingwood Legal. We are straightforward and approachable. We give clients an honest and direct opinion.


Our solicitors are experts. However, we keep our overheads low. Our clients benefit in two ways:

  • Our rates are generally lower than larger firms
  • As our solicitors are experts they generally take less time to get the job done


We combine our work ethic and job intensity with a sense of pragmatism and fun.