Mock Employment Tribunal

Employment Law experts Collingwood Legal invite you to an in person half-day Mock Employment Tribunal event at One Strawberry Lane, Newcastle on 5 October 2023 between 8.30am and 1.00pm.

The aim: to help guide you through the technical jargon and process associated with an Employment Tribunal claim.

Employment Tribunal claims can be time-consuming and stressful for an employer, particularly if unfamiliar with the mechanics and procedures in the Employment Tribunal. Even organisations with experience managing claims can find themselves undone as the process progresses. This is before one accounts for the pressure of, and time and cost required to successfully defend a claim.

The session will walk you through a working example of a ‘mock’ Employment Tribunal case and involve a mock cross examination.  Our employment law experts will act as advocates in order to aid you in managing the Employment Tribunal process and to equip you with the tools to give you the best chance of success.

The focus of the session includes:

  • What happens once a claim has been submitted to an Employment Tribunal;
  • How you prepare to defend a tribunal claim; and
  • How to be an effective witness and prepare to be cross examined at the hearing itself.

Throughout you will be provided with practical advice and will be encouraged to ask questions and explore issues.

Costs and Early Bird Discounts

The standard cost of this session is £150 plus VAT, however there is an Early Bird price of £125 plus VAT should you book before 5pm on Friday 8th September 2023.

10% Group discounts are available for organisations wishing to book 2 places or more. For details, please contact Sue Graham on 0191 282 2880/

Please click here to secure a place. We have limited places for this event so we would encourage you to book now!

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